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I am doing my first ever fundraiser because I am so grateful for what EWS has provided my children.

Tomorrow my oldest son Bradley returns home for a short visit. He is a grown man now, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and making a life for himself with his chosen partner. In all ways he is showing himself to be a thoughtful, caring and productive member of society. Bradley was at EWS for nine years, through his 8th grade year. He has now been gone from EWS as long as he was there. Yet a recent trip back home from Baltimore was explicitly to meet up with five of his 8th grade classmates. The connections remain.

My daughter Clare graduated from EWS just this past year - an EWS lifer. She is now in the middle of an astounding personal journey, taking a gap year to do some discernment, earn some money and have some adventures. She doesn't know exactly where this path leads, but she is doing it with grace and beauty!

My youngest Thomas was at EWS through the fifth grade and is now a sophomore at a local public school. He has found in general that the structures of school (any school) are not to his liking. While tolerant of school and a high achiever, he yearns for independence and questions authority - usually in a healthy way and always with great heart.

So you see all of them followed a different path through EWS. Clare staying and growing all the way through high school, the boys leaving to go elsewhere as their path dictated. Each of them took something lasting, real and substantial from their EWS experience and for that I am profoundly grateful.

Waldorf Education addresses all aspects of a child's development, recognizing that true education of a child must acknowledge and support the physical, emotional, and spiritual along with the intellectual. This has certainly been true for my kids.

The Emerson Waldorf School has been a significant part of my family's life for the last 17 years. It has helped shape the lives of all three of my children. If you know me, you understand that I am not one that typically 'makes an ask'. But this education truly changes lives. The more children that have access to it, the better off our planet will be. So please join me in supporting this little school in Chapel Hill - doing its best to help form self-aware, socially conscious, and well rounded humans equipped to handle the challenges of this rapidly changing, complex world.