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$5 towards $2,000

The year was 2012. I was a freshly made mother with a little angel that needed me to help guide him into this planetary existence. It was a cold December, the 21st -- the day the world was to end...

We survived!!! I began to think, "One day, this little guy is going to be in High School." And so, I started my search for the school that would support the journey of this little human that had been placed in my care.

We had recently moved to North Carolina from our home state of Texas and our beloved West coast home in California. We had each other and knew the adventure of this time in our lives was just beginning. Thank the goodness for my friend Google, who directed me to the very alluring website of the Emerson Waldorf School.

To our luck, there was an opportunity in Spring for us to join a 4-week program for parent and child, they lovingly dubbed Morning Garden. I had no idea the life-changing experience that was soon to happen as I opened the softly worn handle of the heavy wooden doors to the Nursery.

Gaius had just learned to toddle around, and I certainly felt as though I was toddling around in my role as his mother. There was the life that I had experienced guiding my way that wasn't leaving me fulfilled in my motherhood, then came this Waldorf experience.

We never turned back! Fast forward five years, Gaius is a thriving Kindergartner. He has learned to respect authority, love unconditionally, empathize with this heartsick world, wonder and imagine with abandon, find joy in our daily work and bake bread! I have found a community of people that challenge my thinking and enrich my experience here on earth.

How nice it is that we can both be on this journey of growth in this amazing place of the Emerson Waldorf School! To give back to this community and support real change in the world, I have started this fundraising campaign.

I am blessed to have just joined with a real estate company, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Go Realty, that has a philanthropic agenda. With each closing I broker, they will match a $50 donation to my charity of choice, Emerson Waldorf School.

But I want to do more to get this campaign past its goals!! I have committed to donating 1% of the sale price of the first closing that I have that is a referral from our EWS community. Are you looking for a home or need to sell? Do you have a friend or family member that is moving? Let's work together on both the goal of your housing needs and helping to fund this school that we all hold so dear.

Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Help us educate our children to become original, creative, analytical thinkers who can change the world! Please join me in giving to this organization that is so close to my heart.