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Educate our children to reach for the stars!

In making a donation I truly believe you will be making a contribution to the good of the world.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$515 towards $1,000

Our daughter graduated from Emerson Waldorf School this past spring. In her I see the flourishing of a Waldorf graduate, now a freshman at university, who is self confident, involved in her own education, and who sees herself as being a contributing member of society. On college tours this past spring I listened to several college professors sing praises of past Waldorf students. One professor put it very clearly, "They ask questions and they question the sources. Waldorf students want to 'know". They want to contribute." I am convinced, not only for Alex but for every student at Emerson, Waldorf pedagogy is the way into the future.

If there is such a thing as being "more convinced", I experience it every day that I teach at Emerson Waldorf School. I am in my fourth year as a volunteer teacher at Emerson. Because my classes are hands on skill classes I get to listen to the background interactions of the students. Song is frequent as is discussion of their academic classes, world events, caring for each other and an over abundance of optimism for the future. The will and creativity of the students is wonderfully apparent as they take wood, copper or hot steel and form it into beautiful and practical objects. These students truly "Reach for the Stars."

As a continuing member of the Board of Directors at Emerson, I ask you to please help me in reaching my fundraising goal by making a contribution to the Emerson Fund's "Reach for the Stars" campaign. You will not be making just a donation to a school ... I truly believe you will be making a contribution to the good of the world.

Peace and Love

Mark E-W