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Educate our children to reach for the stars!

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Waldorf education brought us together and after 47 years of marriage we're still connected - with each other and Waldorf education!

In 1969, we met at a different Emerson - Emerson College in Sussex, UK - where we were both studying to become Waldorf teachers. Our passion for this incredible method of education strengthened our bond and nurtured our relationship.

Both our children, Andreas and Carolyn were educated at Edinburgh Steiner School in Scotland where be both were teachers. Today, Carolyn's two sons are both students at our Emerson.

Together, we have 86 years of combined experience working at Waldorf schools!

In our deepest hearts, we know that an education at Emerson Waldorf School provides students with the skills and mindset they need to nurture their capacities and fulfill their potential in the world. For almost 5 decades, we have watched children develop into adults of enormous ability. We wish this for all children!

Please join us in supporting Emerson Waldorf School to help our children reach for the stars by making a donation to our fundraiser. Thank you!!!