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I first discovered Emerson Waldorf School during an online search when Enid was just a toddler. I had a lot of questions, as the school differed greatly from many of the educational philosophies I had studied as an early childhood professional and art educator, but I had grown disenchanted with those mainstream methods and sought something more meaningful for my own child's future.

I quickly delved into learning everything I could about the integrated Waldorf curriculum that promotes not only independent thinking and social responsibility, but also academic and artistic excellence. Upon finally visiting the idyllic woodland campus of Emerson Waldorf in 2009 and meeting some of the faculty, I knew right away that a Waldorf Education could meet Enid fully. It would become the place that a quirky, creative child like her would flourish and feel empowered to be her authentic self every day.

People often comment on Enid's maturity and compassion. Although I wish I could take all of the credit myself, I know that her resilience and open-mindedness have partially been instilled by her school and the amazing community that has been created there. I have grown increasingly committed to Waldorf Education, as a parent and teacher, and I could not imagine being any other place.

Your gift, no matter how small, will support a world-class Waldorf Education for children, families, and the community through Emerson Waldorf School!