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Educate our children to reach for the stars!

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

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This is the school my children attend and the school at which I work. Emerson Waldorf offers a revolutionary notion - that in the midst of our high-speed world, children should be provided a timeless space in which to do their sacred work.

I love that my 6th grader, Keaton, finds joy in telling me a very detailed story about the legends of the start of Rome or that he is intrigued by the constellations he will be learning about in his upcoming astronomy class or how excited he is for the 6th grade caving trip as part of their study of mineralogy this October.

Isabel is in love with High School this year as a 9th grader - serving on the Student Council, she also joined the school newspaper, and enjoys playing volleyball. It's a place she feels connected to her teachers - she loves that they love what they do - and a school that provides unusual opportunities like participating in a student exchange with another Waldorf student from South Africa for a semester in 10th grade.

They are attending the school we all wished we had gone to! Help support this non-profit endeavor that strives to provide an education for all who want it. EWS offers many scholarships to deserving students and generous financial aid to ensure our school represents our community's economic diversity. To enable our teachers to be paid what they are worth, we all help to fundraise each year so we can continue providing this inspiring education.

Help us achieve our family's fundraising goal this year and give to this school that acknowledges not only a child's growing mind, but a child's unique spirit.

Love, The Peirce Family